I’m sorry…

I noticed my first post was a video that I made for fun, and it took me ages to make, but when I clicked the video, I realised that it didn’t exist because I had deleted it. I can vaguely remember the video being maybe a slideshow, but I don’t know and I’m sorry. However, I found another slideshow that was made even before the one on here so I will show that on instead!


Gamecube Busted! :( But…

I knew that I had to get my old Gamecube back and start working on my old site again, so I got the Gamecube back. However, it was covered in gunkĀ  and I tried all the games on it.

I’m glad that multiple cheap ones were found on eBay! So, I wont post anything until I get an new Gamecube!:'(

I’m not dead

Seriously, I’m not